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Welcome to the Feto Maternal & GenetYX Center

FMGC takes pride in its pioneering role in fetal medicine, offering comprehensive prenatal care and genetic services in the United Arab Emirates.


Established in 2002, FMGC's mission is to provide expectant mothers with quality, state-of-the-art services in a compassionate environment. Upholding the highest professional and ethical standards, we continually set new benchmarks and introduce innovative procedures for prenatal care in the UAE.


Recognizing the uniqueness of every pregnancy, our Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists focus on early identification of potential risk factors to tailor personalized care plans. We invite you to discuss your medical history, family background, and any existing conditions that may impact your pregnancy.

Unparalleled  Clinical Expertise

Certified Excellence: Our clinical services are meticulously delivered by physicians certified by the esteemed Fetal Medicine Foundation of London. We employ the most advanced ultrasound equipment and 4D technology, ensuring the highest standards in fetal imaging and diagnostics.

Specialised Care

All non-invasive and invasive procedures at FMGC are conducted by highly experienced specialists, ensuring precision and utmost care in every diagnostic and therapeutic intervention.

With each birth,

a brave new world is born...

~ Mark Cornford

Experience the heartfelt embrace of a mother as she tenderly holds her newborn, creating a cozy and nurturing environment. Witness the profound love and care shared in these precious early moments at Feto Maternal & GenetYX Center.


To be more than just healthcare providers; providing unwavering support and personalised care for the expectant couple, throughout the pregnancy journey & beyond, to be your trusted partner...


Feto Maternal

& GenetYX Center


Invasive Tests
Image of Feto Maternal & GenetYX Center's reception area, welcoming patients with a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.
Photograph of Dr. Afshin Pour Mirza, a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology at Feto Maternal & GenetYX Center, providing expert care to patients.
Dr Afshin
Image of Dr. Malek, an obstetrics and gynaecology specialist at Feto Maternal & GenetYX Center, delivering expert care to patients.
Dr Malek



  • Understanding the basics of maternal-feta medicine, sets the foundation for informed decision-making. Your specialist should be able to explain the role of mfm in monitoring and managing high-risk pregnancies and potential complications.

  • Every pregnancy is unique, and identifying potential risk factors early on allows your mfm specialist to develop a personalized care plan. Discuss your medical history, family history, and any pre-existing conditions that might impact your pregnancy.

  • Stay informed about the tests and screenings your specialist recommends. This may include genetic testing, ultrasounds, and other diagnostic procedures designed to monitor the health of both you and your baby.

  • Diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle play pivotal roles in a healthy pregnancy. Ask your specialist for personalised recommendations that align with your individual health and pregnancy goals.

  • Interpreting the results of monitoring procedures can be complex. Ensure your maternal-fetal medicine specialist provides clear explanations of ultrasound findings and fetal monitoring results, helping you understand your baby’s health status.

  • Pregnancy often comes with emotional challenges. Discuss strategies for managing stress and anxiety to maintain your emotional well-being throughout your journey.

  • Being aware of potential complications allows you to be proactive. Discuss possible complications, their signs, and the management strategies your mfm specialist would employ.